Why did Michael Jackson Turn White?


The king of Pop Michael Jackson who’s also known as “The Gloved one” for his iconic glove. Did you know that the glove MJ often sported is made of genuine Swarovski Lochrosen crystals? It was sold recently in a public auction for a whopping $350,000. With that said, let’s dig into the topic of this article “Why did Michael Jackson Turn White?

Why did Michael Jackson Turn White

(Revealed) Why did Michael Jackson Turn White? Leaked News, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Procedures & Everything

Michael Jackson had spent more than four decades in front of the public eye. He started as a child artist in his brothers’ band and later went on to become the king of pop. He’s the most famous celebrity who’s claimed to have vitiligo (A skin condition where your skin starts losing pigment). Even if we accept that he had vitiligo, how could the dead celebrity explain the change in his facial characteristics like his transformed nose and lips? Physicians have often claimed that Michael Jackson Suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder because his father Joe Jackson used to whip him as a child. & here we are going to cover that Why did Michael Jackson Turn White?

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Did Michael Jackson had Vitiligo?

Michael Jackson skin was light brown through the initial days of his career while he was young (the mid-1980s). Jackson himself claimed that he had vitiligo and his skin started getting patchy and started losing colour. Furthermore, he decided to bleach his skin throughout to avoid being seen with an uneven skin tone. His famous white glove is said to be a cover-up for Michael Jackson vitiligo condition. After his death, in his autopsy report, doctors found some uneven shade in the skin, which was equal to the standard for vitiligo.

mj vitiligo

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery:

Before Michael Jackson Started changing his appearance, the young pop star used to look like this.
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Why did Michael Jackson Turn White

Here’s how Michael Jackson has changed his appearance throughout his career.
YearMedical ProcedureTransformation
1981It is said that MJ broke his nose during rehearsals and went through his first Rhinoplasty surgery.Why did Michael Jackson Turn White
1983On the Peak of his Career and the success of his song, “Thriller” Jackson looked like this.Why did Michael Jackson Turn White
1985In 1985 Jackson suffered a scalp burn during a Pepsi commercial, He, later on, lived with a toupe but some say he got a hair transplant.Why did Michael Jackson Turn White
1987By 1987, While his career skyrocketed, MJ started looking almost unrecognisable. His nose went perfectly symmetric like carved by God, and his skin was much lighter.Why did Michael Jackson Turn White
1989By 1989 his nose became even thinner, and he got a perfect chin.Why did Michael Jackson Turn White
1991It was the same year when Jackson’s famous Dangerous song came out, and his skin was seen changing through a bolt of constant lightning.Why did Michael Jackson Turn White
1993In an interview with Oprah MJ admitted about skin change colour but insisted that it was because of vitiligo.mj 1993
1995In 1995, 36-year-old MJ started looking like a white cloud with shorter hair. Only God knows the look he was trying to achieve.mj white
2001By the year 2001, his face has started looking rather scary than what he was hoping for.mj 2001
2005This was the year MJ was facing multiple charges. All of which included young boys, molestation and giving alcohol to minors.mj 2003
2009This is one of the pictures in the last days of MJ. his nose looks like a poorly attempted VFX.mj 2009
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So, this was my take on “Why did Michael Jackson Turn White,” his excessive use of porcelain and multiple plastic surgeries lead to his complete transformation. A bad role model set for the black community. I hope this article answers your question. If you have anything to add, please comment down below. Have a good day!

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