Who Sang At The Super Bowl 2019? (Complete Performances)


Chilled Beer, Chicken Wings, and a Hulk Sized television, these Things are incumbent with Superbowl Sundays. Coupled with those Grand, funny commercials and amazing singers add the icing on the cake. If i talk about singers, Superbowls have a history of featuring the best musicians and artists. Each year Superbowl up the ante in terms of musicians. In this Who Sang At The Super Bowl 2019 article, we’ll talk about all the singers Who Sang At The Super Bowl 2019.

Who Sang At The Super Bowl 2019

Complete List of Who Sang At The Super Bowl 2019?

So here we are going to show you the complete list of Who Sang At The Super Bowl 2019. So just check it out,

What is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the annual NFL (National Football League) Championship. In this Gaming session, The National Football Conference plays against the American Football Conference. The Games are named according to Roman Nomenclature, For example, the First “Super Bowl I” Was played in 1967 and “Super Bowl LIII” is played on February 3, 2019. This year’s Super Bowl was held in the Mercedes Benz Stadium, Georgia and Next year the venue decided is Hard Rock Stadium. Fun fact, On Super Bowl, People consume the second largest quantity of food right next to Thanks Giving. That explains the commercial adds about beer and burgers, Eat food, See food, think food! I also wrote another article on the best Super Bowl Commercials 2019.

Who Sang At The Super Bowl 2019

1. Maroon 5 Super Bowl –

Maroon 5’s Halftime performance on Sunday night just blew me away at Super Bowl. The band performed its Hit songs, “This Love,” “Moves like Jagger” and the recent sensational song “Girls like you.” The performance was one of its kind. Adam Levine was genuinely God-like. The concert was stretched to a spectacular 14 minutes long duration. Their performance was Livid, Electrifying and received massive cheering from the audience and at precisely 8:21 PM Adam Dropped a bomb on the audience by taking off his shirt! Here’s the list of songs played during their performance.

Who Sang At The Super Bowl 2019

This Love
She Will Be Loved
Moves like Jagger
Girls like you

It was a bonus for the Audience when Adam was joined by rapper Travis Scott and Outcast’s BigBoi. Travis gave away a rock-solid “Sicko mode.” Later on, BigBoi rolled in a sweet convertible in a gangsta Fur coat and Performed on “The Way you move.” What a night! Tell you What, If you missed the most epic performance of 2019, watch it.

2. Gladys Knight Super Bowl 2019 –

The Queen of Soulful music Gladys Knight Sung the National Anthem and it was indeed a nirvana experience.

Gladys Knight Super Bowl 2019She Kicked Off the Super Bowl Game with a melodious Song at the Mercedes Benz Stadium Georgia Right before the game between Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots Clashed. Watch her breathtaking performance right here.

3. Travis Scott Sicko Mode –

Rapper Travis did a small Cameo at Super Bowl while Adam was already ruling the Stage with his marvel of a song.

Travis Scott

Travis gave away an excellent, powerful performance on His Hit Song Sicko Mode. If you haven’t heard the powerful song yet.

4. Big Boi Super Bowl –

Big Boi rolled into the ground on a sweet ride and was sporting a gangsta fur coat. He was spot on with his performance, and even with a single track, he made a memorable moment for listeners.

big boi

His song The Way you moved received roaring applause from the audience and made everyone move to the grove of the track. Watch his Groundbreaking performance.


Finally, coming to the end of this Who Sang At The Super Bowl 2019 article. This was my take on Super Bowl singers.

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