Where is Michael Jackson Buried? Is He Really Dead? 


Michael Jackson, the famous pop icon was one of the massive stars of the United States. He was of Katherine and Joe Jackson both of whom had no connection to the Music industry. You may say the journey of Michael Jackson has been a rag to riches story. Can you imagine living in a two bedroom apartment with 11 other members? I Guess not. Today I’ll talk about “Where is Michael Jackson Buried.”

Where is Michael Jackson Buried(Revealed) Where is Michael Jackson Buried? Is He Really Dead?

On 25th June 2009, a few weeks before his come back tour “This is it,” Michael Jackson needed immediate medical attention. On the previous night, Jackson was present for rehearsals. He prepared with full efficiency and also joked about having Laryngitis. Ed Alonzo who is close to Jackson has told the media that Jackson was in great spirits and showed no sign of sickness. & here we are going to reveal that Where is Michael Jackson Buried?

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The next day Jackson didn’t come out of his room. His medical staff came and said that he was not breathing and had “weak pulse.” Paramedics took him to the nearest hospital. Several attempts of CPR were made to revive his breath, but sadly he was pronounced dead after some time.

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What killed Michael Jackson?

Paramedics performed CPR for 42 minutes at Jackson’s house. His Physician stated that Jackson had a pulse when he was courted to Hospital while the LAFD gave a contradictory statement. LAFD said that they found Jackson in “Full Cardiac arrest.”

The first autopsy was performed for 3 hours on the next day of Jackson’s death. It was carried out on behalf of Los Angeles County Coroner by Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran. A second Autopsy was carried out on the request of Jackson’s family as they were suspicious on a foul play or someone killing Jackson intentionally.

In the second autopsy, Chief investigators revealed that there is no Foul Play or trauma found in the death of Michael Jackson. The Coroner stated that Michael Jackson Died from a combination of Drugs present in his body.

Here is a List of Drugs found in his Body:

1. Propofol
2. Anxiolytic Lorazepam
3. Midazolam
4. Diazepam
5. Lidocaine
6. Ephedrine

Family of Jackson released a statement after his autopsy came out.

“Our beloved son, brother, uncle and father of three children has gone so unexpectedly, in such a tragic way and much too soon. It leaves us, his family, speechless and devastated to a point, where communication with the outside world seems almost impossible at times.”

Where is Michael Jackson Buried?

On 3rd September 2009, after Michael Jackson death, He was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Glendale, California, United States. Here are some pictures from his funeral.

Where is Michael Jackson BuriedMichael Jackson death was a significant loss to the entertainment industry. Last year Joe Jackson, father of Michael died as well. If you look up “Where is Joe Jackson buried” you’ll find that he was buried in the same place Michael did.

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Michael Jackson kids were left with no father. He is survived by three kids and the rest of his family. He will always be remembered as King of the dance floor. If you liked this Where is Michael Jackson Buried article, please share and comment. Have a nice day!

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