When is Easter Weekend 2019? This Year’s Easter Sunday


Easter is one of the most widely celebrated occasions in the United States. To remind every true citizen of the United States about how important Easter is, we’ll talk about “When is Easter Weekend 2019” in this article. A lot of Christians commemorate Easter as Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Unlike Valentine’s day, Easter is a movable occasion that occurs on a different date every year. It’s mostly dependable on the lunar eclipse equinox of March. Equinox is a Latin word that means equal day and night. Usually, there are two types of Equinox, Summer equinox, and winter equinox.

When is Easter Weekend 2019

In this article we’ll go through everything there is on Easter. Which month is easter 2019? Why do we celebrate Easter? Questions like these will be addressed in this article.

When is Easter Weekend 2019? History, Origin, Causes & More

In most of the Christian countries, especially in unites states, easter is all about death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. With celebration comes festivals and large events. A lot of corporates and big event organizers capitalize upon Easter, and it’s turned into a Multi-billion dollars venture.


Which Month is Easter 2019?

This year Easter weekend 2019 is going to happen on Sunday 21st April 2019. It’s every year shifting, and change of date is mainly dependent on Lunar eclipse. The Businesses occurs on their usual working Sunday working hours yet the Easter 2019 school holidays is an off for schools and colleges.

When is Easter Weekend 2019

What do I do on Easter 2019?

Easter is a special event for Churches. All Churches around the world celebrate Easter by holding events, decorating eggs and keep plays on Jesus’s Christ’s Birth death and Resurrection. The most common event is the easter egg hunt where decorative eggs made of plastic and holding chocolates and treats in them are kept hidden on unknown locations, and kids have to search for them and collect them in their cute baskets.

When is Easter Weekend 2019

Life in Easter for the Public:

Sunday’s are not Holiday for law and order in the United States, and also vendors and businesses that run on Sundays also keep it a working day. Easter is marked “School Easter holidays 2019” Some of them even make huge profits on Easter Weekend.

easter 2019 school holidays

Why We Celebrate Easter?

Easter is a period where his resurrection follows Jesus Christ‘s death and his crucifixion. It symbolizes the end of Easter week 2019 (easter and Palm Sunday 2019, Palm Sunday, Holy Wednesday, Monday Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday). The Resurrection represents the victory of good over evil and sins.

easter and palm sunday 2019

Why is Easter so late this Year?

Easter is all dependable on the March equinox and full moon. The equinox is fixed at March 21, but this year the full moon doesn’t occur till 19th April. Hence easter will be celebrated on 21st April.

Furthermore, it’s a mandate for Easter to fall between 22 March and 25th April that’s why Easter is so late this year.

easter moon


Finally, I’d like to say that I enjoy Baked Ham, Potato and vegetables and perfectly celebrate this Easter. Spread Joy and love and cherish that Jesus Christ is taking care of each of us. Happy Easter!

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