[Revealed] When does Truth or Dare Movie Come Out?

“Truth or dare”, a movie that came from powerful combination of director, Jeff Wadlow (known for films such as Kick-ass 2 (2013), Cry Wolf (2005) and Never Back Down (2008) and writer Michael Reisz (writer of Hit show Boston legal and Shadowhunters) one of the most unexpected Hits of Hollywood. Hence, expectations from them are fairly high. The movie stars Lucy Hale as Olivia Barron, Tyler Posey as Lucas Moreno. & today we are here going to show you that When does Truth or Dare Movie Come Out?

When does Truth or Dare Movie Come Out

A low-budget film which got drastic and image shattering reviews from critics surprisingly managed to gross a worldwide income of $95 million for a Budget of $3.5 Million, which is a whopping 27 times f its production amount (Approx.). Together with that, if I calculate the profit. Truth or dare made 2,615% of initial production value. Crazy right?

So in this guiding article, we are here going to show you that When does Truth or Dare Movie Come Out? So just check it out,

(Revealed) When does Truth or Dare Movie Come Out?

This movie was released in Mid-April. The film is a spine chilling experience and hence strongly NOT advised to faint-hearted. Despite the negative reviews given by Rotten tomatoes And The Common Sense Media, However ill you should go and watch this movie for once in a lifetime.

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The Common Sense Media

Plot of the Film –

The movie takes us into the college life of Olivia Barron, who along with her friends, plans a trip to Rosarito, Mexico. As the name suggests, Rosarito is an excellent nightlife Beech set close to Border of United States, on the coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. While having the time of their life Olivia was being bothered continuously by her classmate Ronnie and to save her from the harassment a man jumps into the scene who introduced himself as Carter. This follows a trail of unexpected incidents which is wholly unacceptable in reality. All of the friends follow the stranger named Carter to a scary awe-inspiring mansion where they all end up playing the supernatural version of the Game truth or dare.

When does Truth or Dare Movie Comes Out

Honest Review –

Karen Lucille Hale, Better known as Lucy Hale is known for her role as Aria Montgomery in the show “Pretty little lies,” starred as Olivia Barron who is the lead character of the show.

Before the release of the movie, the actress said in an interview with the “The wrap”-

“It’s such a nostalgic game, and it reminded me of when you were younger. Initially, our challenge was taking this idea and making it believable, which was going to be the hardest part — Raising the stakes high enough to keep people on their toes, while still making it believable,” Hale told The Wrap.

To begin with, the movie picks up the bar a little when the actors visit the City of Mexico, the cinematography of beeches and nightlife of Rosarito is somewhat a soothing sight for eyes, but the rest of film fall flat on every scale, be it horror, supernatural, or even plain acting. The dialogue delivery seemed like a drag and the movie fall flat.

What Audience felt:

Yes, the movie is neither truth not has any daring quotient to it, hence after the interval of the film, even the audience was scared to know that there’s more of it. It is hard to believe that this movie is written by the same person who wrote larger than life show Boston Legal.

The Production House Stays Strong:

this movie earned 95 million dollars on box office despite having a week storyline. The production house made chartbusters like Get out, Halloween split and glass, but with “Truth or Dare” they lose the interest of the audience. Even after being such a disaster, “Truth or dare” made huge profits. How may you say? It’s a mystery for any movie lover; therefore, we must this question to some Hollywood professionals. The movie was the brainchild of Wadlow, who gave some excellent films like split and glass which were scary and had some excellent storyline as well. Comparing them to Truth or dare would be an injustice to good actors like James McAvoy and Bruce wills, the movie is a plain disaster, however, not so bad when we look at the profit it made. To summarize in fewer words, the movie killed it at the box office but fell flat on the storyline.

Awards & Nominations –

201820th Teen Choice AwardsChoice Drama MovieNominated
201820th Teen Choice AwardsChoice Drama Movie ActressNominated

Some more Facts About the Film Details:

Director: Jeff Wadlow
Writer: Michael Reisz
Actors: Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Sophia Taylor Ali Landon Liboiron, Violett Beane and Hayden Szeto
Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Psychotic
Release date: Friday, April 13th, 2018
IMDB ratings: 5.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes ratings: 16%
Common Sense Media: 1/5
Worldwide gross income: $95 million

Truth or Dare Trailer –


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