What Station is Triple J? Complete Details of Music Station

Triple J the magnificent radio station of Australia, funded by the government of Australia. It is a division of Australian broadcasting corporation. Triple J is made to meet the music taste of people who love listening to alternative music. The channel’s main and prioritised broadcasting music is Australian contrary to the commercial stations. & today we are here going to show you that What Station is Triple J?

What Channel is Triple J(Guide) What Station is Triple J? Complete Details of Music Station

In this What Station is Triple J article I’ll be talking about The history of Triple J, It’s Hottest 100 poll, frequency and What Station is Triple J. Did you know that Triple J is more than 40 years old? Isn’t that hilarious?

What Channel is Triple J

The first time Triple J aired19th January 1975
Broadcasting AreaAustralia | DAB | Online
SloganWe love Music
Effective Radiated PowerVarious
  • Youth Culture
  • Current Affairs
  • Music
Other Stations
  • Triple J Unearthed
  • Double J and J
  • Online stream HTTP stream (64kbps AAC+)
  • HLS stream (64kbps AAC+)
OwnerAustralian Broadcasting Corporation

Triple J Frequency –

Triple J Radio Station is available on Various Frequencies. For example, it airs on 105.1 frequency in Melbourne(commercial), and Non-commercial youth version is aired on 90.3, 96.7, 107.1, 107.5. This is National broadcast.

What Channel is Triple J

Triple J Unearthed –

Triple J unearthed is another soulful station of Triple J. The coolest thing about Triple J Unearthed is that its job is to search and explore new and fresh talent. It covers the smallest regions of Australia, 41 in total. Starting with rural areas, it finishes in the cities. Unearthed is a popular platform for fresh artists as it skyrocketed career of millions of new singers and musicians.

Triple J Unearthed

Triple J Hottest 100 –

Triple J Hottest 100 is an online poll by Triple J where it takes votes by people on their favourite musician. The voting was used to be done on the last two weeks of December until 2017, but in 2018 they did the hottest 100 in the fourth week of January and plans to do so in every forthcoming year. The votes are done online on the official website of Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It’s an excellent opportunity for those who missed their favourite singers in action and could hear their best songs. As the polls finish, ABC makes a list of top 100 songs and releases it. Last Year Ocean Alley’s “Confidence” was ranked number one song on the list. To hear your favourite Triple J number, Never miss on Triple J hottest 100.

Triple J hottest 100

Triple J Playlist –

When you download the Triple J App, you get the most of the Triple J content on your smartphone. It’s a cool App to listen to your favourite songs, create playlists, listen to new songs played and a lot more. Triple J app could also be used to play the live streaming of Radio station and enjoy the most groovy tunes of the planet.


Download Triple J App –

The app is available to download on both the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store. Here are further details.

Web StorePriceDownload Link
Google Play StoreFree(Download Now)
Apple App StoreFree(Download Now)


In conclusion, I’d like to say that Triple J is one of the most significant radio stations of all time. Hope you liked the What Station is Triple J article and hope you will find all the What Station is Triple J information from here. Have a nice day!

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