What is the Momo Challenge Story? Hoax Explained


The creepy doll which gives you chills on the first look is becoming a savage sensation around the world. Kids around the world are curious and hitting the web consistently on “What is the Momo Challenge Story?“. The gaming challenge that tempts children and teenagers to perform dangerous tasks is becoming a prime concern among parents. In this article, I will take upon the reality of momo challenge. I will address questions like “Is momo real? And “Momo challenge deaths” “Brace yourself, this is going to be creepy. (Momo doll)

What is the Momo Challenge Story

(Revealed) What is the Momo Challenge Story? Truth Behind the Death Mongering Game

To emphasize the importance of this suicide trap game, I’d like to request parents and guardians of vulnerable kids to be attentive and respond whenever you sense something wrong with your kids.

There could be several symptoms that significantly shows that your kid might catch in a deadly trap of a death challenge game. Warning signs of such exploitation could be as such.

  1. It could be a behavioral change.
  2. Notice any change in their diet.
  3. An early sign of depression.
  4. Anxiety and nervousness.
  5. Changes in their sleeping routine(Either too much or too less sleep could be dangerous)
  6. Withdrawal and reclusion from family, friends and social activities.
  7. Headache, stomach-ache, unusual fever or injury marks (Blade, scissor, burns, etc.)
  8. When they resist but want to tell you something wrong happening to them.

What is the Momo Challenge Story

Don’t take these signs lightly and take action at the earliest symptom. Talk to your kid and take the kid to a child psychologist. Do not hesitate on taking legal action.

What is the Momo Challenge Story?

Momo challenge has significant similarities with the infamous blue whale challenge which had costed several lives in Russia and other parts of the world. It is reported that a person named “MOMO lures kids and teenagers” and kids are forced to perform some dangerous challenges.

  1. In the beginning, the challenger asks the victim to add some contacts in their phone list.
  2. Then they are asked to perform some small challenges.
  3. The initial challenges may include posting their info online.
  4. Next, as victim clears the beginning challenges the degree of exploiting tasks increase.
  5. At the end of the game, the victim is asked to kill himself.

What is the Momo Challenge Story

Unfortunately, this game has cost a 12-year-old girl from Escobar, her life. She captured a video and later on Hanged herself. The district police have speculated this to be a result of the Infamous Momo Challenge.

This is just one of the many incidents rumored from around the world to be a result of the momo story. A video had surfaced on the internet that was claimed to be Momo video. A teen was standing with the momo sculpture. Numerous videos are claiming to be “momo challenge video original” But a lot of them are just trying to capitalize on the sensation it had created.

Incidents around the World that are showing the Seriousness of Momo Challenge:

In India, West Bengal police were investigating Death of two teenagers linked to momo challenge and showed concerned that it might spread on a larger scale.

Pakistan’s government as well have taken upon the grave seriousness of Momo challenge and Blue whale challenge and stated that they would initiate an inquiry and draft some legal actions in this matter.


Philippines police had warned parents and gave some red signals for being alert for any unusual behavioral signs in their kids.

In the united kingdom, warning signs by media rose as the country was already recovering from the loss of their teenagers to the Blue whale games. British authorities have marked this as an internet crime where cyber criminal takes advantage of personal information of kids and teenagers.

In Mexico, Police have confirmed it as a social death challenge spread on Facebook by the youth of their country and have issued some warnings to those who were in such activities will be subject to hard sentences.

In the united states, local police have broadcasted warning across the parents and guardians for being attentive to such signs and symptoms of their kids exposed to such traps.

The Reality of Momo Challenge:

Momo challenge is a Hoax and imaginary game that is spread on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. It spread like wildfire after a 12-year-old Indonesian girl killed herself.  Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian have taken up on the issue requesting YouTube to take off the Videos related to momo challenge.

Reality of Challenge

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Final Verdict:

It’s a sigh of relief for me as the Momo challenge is a little bogus story and the impact is considerably smaller than the Blue whale challenge. Kids, be safe and don’t hesitate to tell your parents when you fall in such traps. Also, I’d request parents and guardians to be careful and alert around their kids. Thank you for reading my story!


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