Was Michael Jackson Guilty | Is He a Molester?


Michael Jackson is known as one of the most well-known personalities. His songs and dance moves are historical, and till date, people don’t shy from copying his moonwalk. The Star had his fair share of peaks and falls. He was the first Pop and rock singer to being inducted in Dance Hall of fame. In this article, I’ll address this arising question “Was Michael Jackson Guilty.” Michael Jackson is no stranger to scandals and molestation charges. Around five boys have been accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse charges, and he had to pay them off to settle the court cases against him.

Was Michael Jackson Guilty

(Revealed) Was Michael Jackson Guilty? True Identity of the Pop Star

Michael Jackson, once the top singer of the world has 13 Grammys and 26 America music awards. He’s the only music star with most awards in the music industry with more than 100 awards. He won almost every award in every category, a celebrated musician and dancer. The award tally of Michael Jackson goes to the vast Grammy Lifetime achievement award which is the most significant honor American music industry. & today we are here revealing that Was Michael Jackson Guilty or not?


Here’s a Guide to Awards in Michael Jackson’s Kitty:

Hollywood Walk of fame [1980]
World Music Awards || Best-Selling Pop Male Artist of the Millennium
The American Music Award’s || Artist of the Century Award
Bambi Pop Artist of the Millennium Award
The Rock and Roll hall of fame [Solo artist]
Songwriters Hall of Fame
Dance hall of fame
Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame
Many Guinness world records
13 Grammy awards
26 American Music Awards

Court Cases Against Michael Jackson –

The list of lawsuits against Michael Jackson is not as long as List of Awards he has won, But they were the reason behind his morbidly days of reckoning. The festering condition of his health, deteriorating fan following, and scandals of the star have been showcased many times on the news. Recently in the documentary by HBO “Leaving Neverland,” there were many devastating and shocking facts revealed. Neverland estate owned by Michael Jackson has sued HBO for a reportedly $ 100 million defamation lawsuit. Here’s a brief list of cases against the dead celebrity.

Was Michael Jackson Guilty

In 1993, Dentist Evan Chandler sued Michael Jackson for molesting his 13-year-old son Jordan Neil Jordy Chandler.
In 2005, Michael Jackson faced trial for molesting Gavin Arvizo, a 13-year-old boy at his home Neverland.
Jason Francia, another man, has alleged that Jackson would touch his private parts and paid him money for not telling his mother.

There were many unreported and rumored counts of Jackson’s illicit deeds. Maids and security workers have claimed that they saw the star molesting, kissing and touching genitals of young boys. Another name that popped in the list is of child actor “Matthew McConaughey,” but he has always defended the Pop star and gave statements in his favor.

Michael Jackson jail


In each of controversy against Michael Jackson, He has managed to escape prison. By paying the opponents or winning the trust of juries. Be what it may the dead star never saw the face of prison. I can’t say the justice served or not but I can certainly confirm that Michael Jackson is not Guilty (In the eye of law). If he were, he would have been behind bars and maybe alive too. This was my take on “Was Michael Jackson Guilty” if you have anything to add, please drop down a comment.

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