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Was Michael Jackson a Pedophile | True Story Revealed


Who doesn’t know Micheal Jackson in today’s world? Even after death, the star is the highest earning dead celebrity. Not only his dance moves were popular but also his private life was subject to significant criticism. Adding to that, the late star has always been subjected to being a Pedophile. In this Was Michael Jackson a Pedophile article, I’ll be talking about the much-debated topic, “Was Michael Jackson a Pedophile.”

Was Michael Jackson Pedophile

(Revealed) Was Michael Jackson a Pedophile | A String of Allegations & Charges

Michael Jackson was the biggest pop star the world ever saw. His celebrity status was so huge that he was famous not only in America but around the world also. He was the most iconic person of the 20th Century, and his popularity was beyond all barriers. Here are some facts About Michael Jackson. & we are here revealing that Was Michael Jackson a Pedophile or not?

Was Michael Jackson Pedophile

Full NameMichael Joseph Jackson
BirthdateAugust 29, 1958
Birth PlaceGary, Indiana, Chicago
ParentsKatherine Esther Jackson & Joseph Walter “Joe” Jackson
Height1.75 M
OriginUnited States
CountryUnited States
Years Active1964- 2009
Marriages1. Lisa Marie Presley

2. Debbie Rowe

Kids1. Michael Jr.

2. Paris

3. Blanket

Awards & Nominations1. 15 Grammy awards

2. 26 American music awards

3. 13 no 1 US singles

Rumored Affairs1. Madonna

2. Naomi Campbell

3. Mangatal

Diseases1. Vitiligo

2. Autoimmune Disease

3. Drug Dependences

Scandals1. Child Sexual abuse charges 1993
Net Worth$500 Million
HomeNeverland, California
Death25th June 2009
Reasons for DeathCardiac arrest

(Top 10) Best Songs of Michael Jackson –

Say what you may Michael Jackson delivered some of the most mass grooving songs and had some crazy success. Here’s a list of top 14 us no raking songs of Michael Jackson.

Best Songs

1. Ben 1972
2. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
3. Rock with You
4. Billie Jean
5. Beat It
6.  Say Say Say
7. We Are the World
8. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
9. Bad
10. The way you make me feel
11. Man in the Mirror
12. Dirty Diana
13. Black or white
14. You are not alone

Sexual Abuses by Michael Jackson:

  1. At the age of 34, Michael Jackson was reportedly sleeping night after night in bed with a minor, in the presence of the child’s parents.
  2. Five boys have accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse.
  3. Jackson had to pay the parents of these kids to settle these allegations.
  4. Jordie (Minor who was abused by Michael Jackson) Drew pictures of Jackson’s genitals and later on the investigation were found a 100% match to the Popstar’s Genitals.
  5. Jackson’s bedroom went through much scrutiny, and any steps would alert him with a “Ding Ding” sound.
  6. He had a collection of Erotic magazines beside his bed that contained pictures of young boys and women with a gagged mouth.
  7. He also stuffed parents of these boys with expensive gifts — homes, Diamond bracelets, etc.
  8. Two fathers of abused boys have committed suicide till date.

Sexual Abuses

Was Michael Jackson a Pedophile?

Honestly, I’m not the right person to answer this Was Michael Jackson a Pedophile question. Although investigations and claims from abuse victims confirm these allegations, They were the same people who agreed to settle these claims with big hush money.


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Alright, so this was my take on Was Michael Jackson a Pedophile. Be as it may, the star has seen life and wealth more than some of the wealthiest people around the earth. He was undeniably a talented person, but with some faults attached. If you liked this Was Michael Jackson a Pedophile article, please comment. Have a good day!


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