Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes: Bonus Clips, News & Beyond

Generally speaking, Marvel movies are made with ample thought on its length. But staunch devotees couldn’t be happier now. They get their hands on Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes. The deleted scenes release on Thor Ragnarok’s Blu-Ray pack. The footage is packed with hour-long bonus content, extended scenes, mini clips, and Doctor Strange’s much lengthier appearance. Yes, Dr strange the master sorcerer had more to offer in Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes!

Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes

*Warning: The article is full of Spoilers, and Spicy leaks so read at your own risk.

🎬 Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes: Spoilers, News, Extra Clips & Much More

Thor Ragnarok deleted scenes are available on all the digital downloads that are available online. The Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes feature following scenes.

  • Sakaar side of the story.
  • The ridiculously comic saga of Thor and Bruce Banner.
  • The embarrassing moments of Loki, Jeff Goldblum playing with tentacles.

And a lot more hilarious scenes you can’t go unseen for the rest of your life.

Loki –

The entire Marvel series has been slightly rough and unfair to the God of the mystic “Loki.” Take “The Avengers” where Loki introduces himself as a god, and he was about to give a mindful does on his leadership, but he was cut amid and smashed over and over on the floor by hulk. He’s one villain for whom you feel sad. Also, in Infinity Wars his final words that went “You will never be a god” makes you love the character instead.


In the extended version, Loki gets caught between dimensions and faces some Ugly porta-potty situation from where Thor rescue him with courtesy of a key from Doctor Strange. The events were much exciting in an extended version which was cut short to Loki saying “I have been falling for thirty minutes!”

Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes Yondu –

Well, sad news for spectators waiting for A Yondu appearance in Thor Ragnarok. As of now, there’s no such deleted footage featuring Yondu, and that’s what James Gunn, the filmmaker has confirmed. Yondu was a goofy character who dies in Guardian of Galaxy, and His appearance in Thor Ragnarok would make the Plot of story weaker.

thor ragnarok deleted scenes

Deleted Hulk Scenes Thor Ragnarok –

Director Taika Waititi gives a piece of sad news to the audience about Hulk in an interview with media. He said that there was a scene where Hulk, Thor, and Loki were in the same frame. They wait for a dramatic second and Hulk Smash Loki just like he did with Thor in “The Avengers,” Waititi said that it was an audience hit moment, but they had to get rid of it for unknown reasons.

(Hulk from Thor Ragnarok)thor ragnarok hulk

Valkyrie –

Tessa Thompson who fills in the character of Valkyrie. It as already race swapped and to that, the makers gave another twist to the role in the movie which was putting in a scene that makes Valkyrie’s character bisexual as it was in the comic book version. Tessa also said that throughout the film there were shades of moments where Valkyrie’s attraction towards another woman was pretty visible in the movie. Thor-Ragnarok-Valkyrie deleted scene

Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes Dr. Strange –

Furthermore in the Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes series. There is an extended version of what happens between the God of Thunder and the Supreme Sorcerer. It’s a different way of how Strange and Thor exchange location of Odin and Loki. In this alternate version, Dr. Strange points out at a map which gives the location of Odin and Loki and sends Thor to get them.

Strange also tells Thor that he senses something worrisome for Thor and says “Destiny has some Dire plans for you my friends.” Which he points out to Odin’s death hours later and Hela was crushing both Thor and Loki.

Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes dr strange

Odin –

In the version, we see on-screen. Odin’s final moments are spent in a calm, soothing environment, standing on a cliff. Where he vanishes in spirits and Hela shows up. She destroys Thor’s hammer and so on.

This was not how they shoot. It was lengthier and more emotional than what we saw on-screen. The current cut was shot in a much shorter period of a three weeks reshoot. Waititi explained that the original cut would have made fans more emotional and they wanted to make the whole scene less sensitive.

Odin deleted scene

The makers stressed on making Thor a funnier movie than emotional like the entire Thor arena scene was. Well, it indeed was.

Thor arena sceneFinally, let me bonus treat you guys with an action-packed Thor Ragnarok full video of his hilarious uncut Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes as an illustration to this Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes article.


To sum up this entire article on Thor Ragnarok Deleted Scenes, I must say that I’ll be rewatching the blue-ray copy of the extended footage once again to savor this extremely entertaining movie. If you liked this article or think I missed some crucial details from the plot, Please comment below. I’ll be waiting to hear from you guys. Have a good day!

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