Pentagon Authorizes $1B for Trump’s Border Wall

According to the reports of the U.S. officials, the Pentagon has authorized a payment of $1Billion for initiating President Donald Trump’s proposed construction of the portion of the Southern Border wall. As per the notification of the Secretary of Defense Mr. Patrick Shanahan to the Congress on Monday night regarding the transfer in the military funds. They even asked the engineers of the U.S. Army Corps to initiate the planning and the execution of the construction of a 57-mile border between US and Mexico through a strip of fencing along the El Paso and Yuma sections of the US-Mexico border. According to the further reports, the Department of the Homeland Security requested the U.S Government to put up an 18-foot high wall on the border area, not within a long interval o the President Trump’s declaration of the state of emergency in the region.

Pentagon authorizes $1B for Trump’s Border WallApart from this, the officials of the Department of Homeland Security also asked for the improvements of the local roads and even the installation of better lightings. According to the reports from the sources of Pentagon, the fund that is authorized by Shanahan for the construction of the wall in the border area would also be used to support the request for the roads and street lighting as proposed by DHS. Apart from these proposed projects, the administration department led by Donald Trump already plans to spend another $1.5 Billion on future projects. According to the reports from the sources, it has been told earlier this month by the top Democrats on the Pentagon’s appropriations panel to the associated press that the DOD funding would be “coming out of the military pay and pensions.”

Has this happened before?

This is the first designated and approved fund by the Pentagon for the project that has been laid under the President’s emergency declaration. According to the statement of the acting Defense Secretary posted at Pentagon, a federal law has been cited that gives authority to the Pentagon board to build infrastructure across the border area of USA and Mexico that is, across the international boundaries of the United States in the support of the counter-narcotic activities of the federal enforcing agencies. This statement of the acting Defense Secretary was released just a day before Mr. Shanahan was due to testify in Congress to defend and present the drafted budget of Pentagon. This budget was formulated when Trump had declared a national emergency in the last month as he attempted to execute his plan for a border wall for US and Mexico to be funded without the approval of the Congress.

Pentagon authorizes $1B for Trump’s Border WallIs it Correct?

Whereas last week according to the sources, the Pentagon produced a list to the Congress that included USD 12.8 Billion of the projects of construction and even mentioned that the funds allocated for the same might be redirected for building the international border wall along the international border of US- Mexico. The federal law thus sighted the acting defense secretory gives authority to the department of defense for constructing roads and installing street lighting along with the building of the border fences, in order to block the drug- smuggling corridors across the international boundaries of the United States. For supporting the activities of the counter-narcotics team as per the federal law enforcement agencies. The declaration of the national emergency by President Trump was a reaction against the frustration towards the refusal of the Congress for providing the budget that he sought to build the border wall. This declaration of Trump aimed at bypassing lawmakers to unlock the $8 billion in funding. This move of the President has been marked as an abuse of Presidential power and even created a dangerous precedent.

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