Microsoft’s New Edge Chromium Browser Launches on Windows & MacOS

We all are very well aware of Microsoft’s struggle with its browser. Firstly it was Internet Explorer, then Microsoft decided to step up in the browser game and launched an evolved version of IE called Microsoft Edge. But still, with lots of improvement and enhancement, it was lacking something and failed in getting the attention of people. At last, Microsoft decided to build the application form scratch, and this time they got it right!. Finally, the announcement made that Microsoft’s New Edge Chromium Browser Launches on Windows & macOS.

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Microsoft’s New Edge Chromium Browser Launches on Windows & macOS

Claiming that Microsoft’s New Edge Chromium Browser is twice as fast as an old edge browser. Its development started in late 2018 and finally launched in January 2020. Let’s talk more about it.

How Is It Different?

Since it is built upon the Open-Source Chromium Project, which is the same algorithm and technology that Google Chrome users, it is super fast; you can expect the same performance as google chrome. Plus, it is less cluttered, fully compatible, and you can expect frequent stability and performance updates. 

Apart from stability and performance in New Edge Chromium Browser, you get inbuilt features like Internet Explorer mode for rendering legacy web pages, Builtin Azure Active Directory, and Privacy features like blocking tracking, cookies management, etc.

Furthermore, you can easily use it on almost all of your devices like mac, windows, android, and soon, it will be available for Linux as well. You can also download its standalone installer from the Microsoft website. You can sync your IE, or edge data like bookmarks, history, and passwords to chromium edge easily.

Features of Edge Chromium Browser –

With an entirely new identity, Edge packs all the features and customization that chromium offers.

1. Privacy & Security:

By default, the new edge browser comes with privacy features like Blocking Invisible And Harmful Third-Party Trackers. Further, you can manage to share your Cookies and in-browser data with third-party websites.

2. Stability & Compatibility:

You do not have to worry about the compatibility with the latest web technology like HTML5 bootstrap, motion UI,web-based application, etc. You can stream 4k content, and it also supports the Dolby Digital sound system. Plus, with an inbuilt Internet Explorer mode, you can browse the legacy web pages as well.

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3. Personalization & Customization:

You can customize your edge browser as per your terms, right from managing the startup page to theming your browser. You can manage and change the position of toolbar items, buttons, etc.

4. Addons & Plugins:

We all know about addons library of google chrome is huge, and with its feature “Allow extensions from other stores,” you can install all of those addons with one click. Further, you can also download addons from the Microsoft store as well.

5. Availability & Synchronization:

The new Edge browser is available on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and recently, it is announced that it will be available for Linux as well. You can easily synchronize data between your smartphone and desktop. It also supports more than 90 different languages.

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Installation & Future Scope –

Mircosoft has decided to push the latest edge browser as a system update in the windows 10. However, if you are on an earlier version of the windows do not worry the new edge browser fully support all the version of windows till 7. You can download its standalone installer from this official Microsoft website.

Talking about the future scope of the Mircosoft is taking every step to make the browser powerfull. Obviously, it is not easy to compete against Google Chrome and Mozilla firefox. Currently, Microsoft is focusing on enterprise users and targeting the privacy and security aspects of the browser. It will be available to all the users as windows update in the summer of 2020.

Final Verdict:

With this being the end of the article on Microsoft’s New Edge Chromium Browser Launches on Windows & macOS. We conclude that switching entirely from Microsoft’s own browser engine to chromium is a good move. Apart from slower web page loading, their browser engine is very much prone to compatibility issues, bugs, and errors like this app have been blocked for your protection. Looking at all the improvements and features, it seems that Microsoft’s New Edge Chromium Browser surely looks like a competition to google chrome and firefox.

We hope this article gives all the insights of the new Edge Chromium Browser. We have tried to cover all the essential details that you need to know about the browser. For more interesting articles, do follow us.

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