Is Momo a Hoax? Truth behind the Momo Challenge


“Is Momo a Hoax,” I’ll be addressing this highly debatable topic in this Is Momo a Hoax article. Momo challenge that has impacted the entire world. Momo challenge is becoming a threat to every country, parents, kids, and guardians. It’s evident that parents and guardians are suspicious and are raising doubts on the authenticates of the school’s alertness for their children.

Is momo a hoax

(Revealed) Is Momo a Hoax? Is it Real? Everything about Momo Challenge

The deadly game “Momo challenge” is spreading across various platforms like Facebook, Twitter and especially WhatsApp. Governments of several countries and local police are raising warnings everywhere on the gravity of the problem. & here we are going to cover & reveal about that Is Momo a Hoax?. So just check it out,

True Story behind the Momo Doll –

Whenever you look up Momo challenge a creepy and morbid doll’s face spreads across the screen of your laptop, and you’re left wondering who would create a grotesque sculpture like this one. Midori Hayashi is a Japanese sculpture artist who has a deep infatuation for creating morbid and spooky models. She is attributed for establishing the momo doll, and people around the world hate her for creating the death mongering doll.

On the contrary, Midori Hayashi is bluntly denying on creating the momo doll. In an interview with Times of Oman, She said.

Is momo a hoax

“This is false news.” “I didn’t make that doll. The Link Factory made this doll and exhibited it at the Vanilla Gallery. Get in touch with them for more information. I have no idea as to how this challenge began, but I hope this can be solved.”

The sculpture is linked to Momo doll as her other sculptures have the same creepy and weird vibe attached to them as the momo doll have.

However, Keisuke Aiso Confirms that he’s responsible for the doll and said it is unfortunately sad that it had scared the kids online.

momo doll

Keisuke Aiso Told the Japan times.

“I have a small child myself, so I can understand how parents are concerned,” the 43-year-old special-effects artist said. “And while I’m glad that my work is being known around the globe, I’d like to ask whoever is behind the phenomenon to be more discreet in using the image,”

The Reality of Momo Challenge –

Finally, The story of momo challenge is thankfully a mere hoax. There were no concrete proofs of accidents attached to it. Also, It’s a relief that a greater disaster is put out from possibilities and the story holds no ground. Many Kids on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have spread this rumor like a trend, and sadly it has no fruitful result.

The momo story was spread on WhatsApp majorly. Parent’s are feeling better as the momo challenge was proved a hoax.

Keisuke Aiso


In conclusion, I’d like to say that the death loop attached to momo doll was utterly avoidable. If teenagers and youth around the globe showed a little maturity and attentiveness while spreading the news, It was a piece of preventable news. I’d request the Young generation to treat these sculptures as art and respect the artist yet do not force the fear on the younger generation as it could be a matter of life and death for an impressionable child.

Hope you like this Is Momo a Hoax? Guiding Article. If I missed anything in the Is Momo a Hoax article, please drop a comment. Be safe and protect the Future of the World.

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