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We recently witnessed the most delayed Easter Sunday and hell yeah it was worth a wait.  It was late because Easter Sunday has to fit in the slot of March 15th to 25th April and the lunar eclipse occurred this year in unfavorable time duration. In this article, I’ll be talking on Is easter Saturday a public holiday? So here we are going to show you that Is Easter Saturday a Public Holiday or Not?

Is easter Saturday a public holiday  Is Easter Saturday a Public Holiday? | Complete Story Behind Easter

Easter Saturday is an integral part of Easter week. It is also known as the Holy Saturday. Another name for Easter Saturday is the Great Saturday. Although I think every Saturday is excellent and deserves a toxic celebration! Easter week is an essential part of any Catholic family, and it’s a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. You can say it’s a celebration of good over evil and genuine faith in the Lord Jesus.

Is easter Saturday a public holiday

What is Easter Saturday?

Easter Saturday is the last day of Easter week and festival. Another Explanation of Easter Saturday is that its the day preceding St. Thomas Sunday or Divine Mercy Sunday (Also known as the Octave Day of Easter).Is easter Saturday a public holiday

What Happened on Easter Saturday?

The Eastern Side of the Story:

One more terminology for Easter Saturday is “Great Sabbath.” It’s named Great Sabbath because on this day Jesus Christ rested peacefully in the Tomb. Another Explanation is that he performed in the spirit of Harrowing of Hell and later on went up to paradise. In Paradise, he freed people who’ve been held there against their will. In the Ethiopian churches, this day is celebrated as Night of Light and joy, also known as Joyous Saturday.Jerusalem

The Western Side of the Story:

In Anglican Communication there is a book named “The Book of Common Prayer.” This book referred easter Saturday as “Easter Even.” In the western tradition on this day, the virgin mary gets the title of “Our Lady of Solitude,” As on this day The blessed virgin Mary mourns the death of her son Jesus. Contrary to the Eastern tradition, In the Western zone, it’s a day of solace, grief, and sadness.Rio Jesus

Is Easter Saturday a Public Holiday? (Revealed)

In Catholic tradition Easter Saturday is not a mass celebration. On the evening of the Holy Saturday, Churches fast and meditate. They pray for the passion and death of Christ. They mourn the descent of Christ in hell and awaits his resurrection.

The results for whether Easter Saturday a Public Holiday varies from country to country. In the Eastern side of the world where it commemorated as Joyous Saturday. Countries like Australia, Coptic, Ethiopia, and Eritrean celebrate this day and keep a holiday. On the Western side of the world, the Easter Saturday is Day of gloominess, and thus most western countries do not keep a holiday on this day.


Finally, to conclude with this Is Easter Saturday a Public Holiday? An article, I’d like to say that eve of Easter Saturday is the beginning of New life of Jesus and one should hope and pray that Jesus Christ looks after humanity as his child forever. Happy Easter!

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