Is Dirty John based on a Real Story? Chilling Reality of John Meehan


There are a lot of speculations and nerd theories on Is dirty john based on a real story. To clear the air around this Is Dirty John based on a Real Story highly debated topic, I’ve decided to give a full-blown article on Is Dirty John based on a Real Story or not? If yes, then what is it based on? What are the sources of this story? And where can you see Dirty John?

Is Dirty John True Story

(Revealed) Is Dirty John based on a Real Story: Reality, Sources, Pictures & Beyond

Dirty John came to existence in 2017. It released as a podcast based on the life of John Meehan. Christopher Goffard hosted the podcast and Los Angeles Times created it. The podcast gained huge success, and everyone wanted to know what it was about? Dirty John LA times podcast made two seasons of Dirty John and its download for a vast over 10 million times in a short span of six weeks. So here we are revealing the truth that Is Dirty John based on a Real Story or not. So just check it out,

Is Dirty John True Story

Who is Dirty John in Real Life?

Dirty John is the nickname of a serial predator and infamous Conman “John Meehan.” He was also known as the “Filthy John” and “Filthy” by his classmates during his university period. You must be wondering Who is John Meehan?

John Meehan was a con artist who used to manipulate people’s money by deceiving and cheating them. He is known to sleep with several women and lying to almost every one of them, about everything in his life. His entire life was a sham wrapped in a compelling story which honey trapped many innocent women. He exploited them and was often bragging about his multiple affairs. (As we know from the podcast)

Professionally John worked as a Nursing anesthetist and once he got arrested for stealing drugs prescribed to one of his patients. Ooh! And at one point of John’s life, he was also caught dealing in Cocaine. He was swimming in a lot of illegal trades.

Is Dirty John True Story

True Story of Dirty John Netflix –

Dirty John’s podcast became such a success that a film version was easily predictable. On 14th February 2019, Dirty John premiered on Netflix and Bravo. The first season had 8 episodes. Critics were half enthusiastic about the show and gave it a mixed response.

John Netflix

How did John Meehan Die?

John tricked a businesswoman Debra on a dating site for the over 50s. He lied to her about his profession and said he owned several properties. Debra fell into his trap and married him in the next two months of dating him. Her two daughters were suspicious of John from the beginning and were uneasy around him.

When John’s truth came out, Debra walked away from him, and this started the lunatic behavior of John. He sued to follow her daughter and at one point tried to kidnap her daughter Terra. In self-defense, Terra stabbed him multiple times which eventually killed John.

How did John Meehan Die

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