How many Episodes of Dirty John are there? ‘Reality of the Show’


So now that you know your favorite podcast, dirty John is turned into a series. You must be wondering How Many Episodes of Dirty John are there in the first season? Worry not. In this How many Episodes of Dirty John are there article, I’ll give you a detailed overview of Dirty John.

How many Episodes of Dirty John

(Revealed) How many Episodes of Dirty John are there in the First Season?

Dirty John, The American True Crime drama series debuted on Netflix last fall 28th November. Along with Netflix the Series debuted on Bravo also. Dirty John Cast includes Connie Britton, Eric Bana, Juno Temple, and Julia Garner.

In the same order, Dirty John premiered internationally on 14th February 2019 around the world. It would have made your Valentine’s Dirtiest if you had Dirty John on while Netflix and Chilling. Oh, and did you know Dirty John is a real story of a con man named John Meehan who was stabbed to death by his step Daughter. You can check whether dirty john based on a true story.

  1. Eric Bana
  2. Connie Britton
  3. Christopher Argentieri
  4. Mark Herzog
  5. Christopher Cowen
  6. Alexandra Cunningham
  7. Richard Suckle
  8. Jeffrey Reiner
  9. Charles Roven
  1. Carole Kravetz Aykanian
  2. Todd McMullen
  3. Louise A. Innes
  4. Curtis Thurber
  5. Daniel Downer III
PlaywriterAlexandra Cunningham
GenreTrue Crime Drama Series
Leading Actors
  1. Connie Britton
  2. Eric Bana
  3. Juno Temple
  4. Julia Garner
Release Date25th November 2018
Release Date (International)14th February 2019
Country America
No of Seasons1
No of Episodes 8(Season 1)
Length of Episodes (approx.)45 to 50 minutes
Awards & Nominations
Golden Globe AwardsBest Actress – Miniseries or Television FilmConnie Britton(Nominated)
Critics’ choice television awardsBest Actress in a Limited Series or Movie Made for TelevisionConnie Britton(Nominated)
Critics’ choice television awardsBest Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie Made for TelevisionJulia Garner
Critics Verdict(Rotten Tomatoes)“Dirty John might not live up to the thrills of its source material, but Connie Britton puts on a clinic with her interpretation of true crime treachery.”

How many Episodes of Dirty John

Getting straight to the Topic of this How many Episodes of Dirty John are there article let’s talk about Dirty John Episodes.

Dirty John Synopsis:

Dirty John is an American series based on the true story of John Meehan. John Meehan was a sex predator who used to cheat woman to sleep with them. He was also a con man and had a history of illegal deeds. He was notoriously known as “Filthy John” and “Filthy” by his classmates when he used to study at the University of Dayton.

He Honey Trapped Debra Newell, an American businesswoman, through a dating website for older people in their 50s. John told Debra that he is a Doctor who saves lives in Iran and have multiple properties. Consequently, Debra married the Conman after dating him for two months. Contrary to Debra’s belief about John, Her daughters Jacquelyn and Terra were suspicious of John’s Deeds. They asked Debra why He never took them to the properties he owns But Debra was too overwhelmed and under spells of John.

Later on, when his true identity comes to unravel, Debra leaves him, and he starts stalking Debra and her daughters. One night when Debra’s Younger daughter Terra was out John Tried Kidnapping her. In self-defense Terra(who took self-defense classes) stabbed John 13 times and John was rushed to the hospital. John Meehan Scumbled to Injuries in the next four days.Dirty John Reality

Dirty John Episodes:

Dirty John season one is out on Netflix and Bravo. The Limited series comprises of 8 episodes. Length of each chapter is around 45 to 50 minutes long.

EpisodesRelease dateViews
1. “Approachable Dreams”November 25, 20181.22
2. “Red Flags and Parades”December 2, 20181.24
3. “Remember It Was Me”December 9, 20181.28
4. “Shrapnel.”December 16, 20181.14
5. “Lord High Executioner”December 23, 20181.04
6. “One Shoe”December 30, 20181.37
7. “Chivalry.”January 6, 20191.49
8. “This Young Woman Fought Like Hell”January 13, 20191.84

John Meehan


In conclusion, Dirty John is going to be on my playlist for a re-binge session, and I guess after reading this How many Episodes of Dirty John are there an article you’ll be dying to watch it as well. I hope you liked this. How many Episodes of Dirty John are there an article? Have a good day!

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