Did Michael Jackson Bleach his Skin? Truth Revealed


Michael Jackson was indeed a charismatic yet controversial personality. Shortly known as MJ, he was known to be one of the wealthiest pop icons. Many people speculate on the question that “Did Michael Jackson Bleach his Skin” Skin Bleaching is a much-disputed method of skin lightening that a lot of people around the world are obsessed with. But was the Dead celebrity one of those people? In this article, I will uncover the truth behind this mystery.

Did Michael Jackson Bleach his Skin

(Revealed) Did Michael Jackson Bleach his Skin? Race Transformation of the King of Pop

Michael Joseph Jackson was born to a working African American family. He spent his early years in a humble environment with nine other siblings and his parents Katherine and Joe Jackson. What could have been a revolution for the African-American community, turned out to be a subject of shame. So here we are revealing that Did Michael Jackson Bleach his Skin or Not?

Did Michael Jackson Bleach his Skin

What is Skin Bleaching?

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Skin bleaching is a process of changing the colour tone of your skin to a lighter shade. People from Asian and African nationality are highly engrossed by the idea of getting a more luminous complexion. Many countries such as Jamaica and India consider lighter skin tone, a better marriage proposal for the women. Some skin lightening agents are good for your skin and could also help with cancer. Contrary to that, many mercury mixed compounds are harmful to your health and could even leave you with a burned skin condition. Here’s a list of methods used for skin lightening.


Skin Lightening CreamsCreams like Porcelana are used to reduce the effect of melanin on your skin and thus achieve a lighter complexion.
Laser TreatmentThis treatment uses short ranging concentrated beam of light that reduces wrinkles, flaky skin and rejuvenate your skin. Although you must test your skin for this treatment before you move ahead with it.
Chemical PeelsChemical peels are substances that are used to remove the dead skin from your face. There are natural peels available, but their effects are limited, yet they are safe to use. On the other side, Chemical peels could leave you with a skin highly susceptible to UV rays.
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Did Michael Jackson Bleach his Skin?

Michael Jackson suffered from a skin condition called vitiligo. In this condition, the melanin in your body is unstable and start to leave pigment in patches of your skin. Michael Jackson suffered from Vitiligo from the early 1980s, and he could be seen covering his hand with a white glove, that iconic glove was camouflaging for his vitiligo condition.

michael jackson vitiligo

You might want to know Why did Michael Jackson Bleached his skin. It was because he suffered from vitiligo. After Jackson’s death, police searched his mansion where they found many skin whitening products. One of them is the famous Porcelana, but it was an over the counter product, and it was legal to use it. Apart from Porcelana, Jackson used many other products to cover his vitiligo, and of course, he used plastic surgery to morph into a whitewash. This is the answer to How did Michael Jackson bleach his skin.

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